Promote on-time delivery, satisfy material requirements and meet production schedules.
Improve buyer productivity and reduce inventory cost through vendor analysis.
Estimate future cash flow requirements based on outstanding purchase orders.
Minimize clerical efforts.
Provides for improved vendor relations.
Cross referencing capabilities for quick access to vendor/part number information.
Purchases can be assigned directly to a work order.
Vendor part number capability.
Supports multiple items on PO.
Supports non-inventory purchases.
Supports multiple deliveries for an item.
System and/or user assigned purchase order numbers.
Provides for purchasing and remit to addresses.
Standard and blanket purchase orders are accommodated.
Provides for dock to stock tracking.
Interface with Accounts Payable.
On-line inquiry capability by purchase order, part, vendor and buyer.
Purchasing price variances reported Unlimited text capacity.
Vendor report card.
Prints purchase orders upon request
Purchase requisitions.
On-line purchase history.
Supports for EDI Vendor quoting information
REPORTS (Sample List)
Purchase Order Commitment
Past Due Purchase Order
Vendor Performance
Vendor listings
Formatted Purchase Orders
Purchase Order History