Provide Inventory Planning Management with up-to-date and accurate information relative to stock availability and usage.
Meet customer requirements without carrying unnecessary inventories.
Reduce inventory levels and minimize carrying costs Inventory traceability by lot/serial number
On-line adjustment to stock quantities in a net change MRP environment.
Rejection tag numbers with tracking capabilities.
Picklist processing by exception, supporting shortages and over-issues with optional notation Multiple warehouses and locations.
ABC analysis.
Inquiry screens for quick access to work order/part shortages and inventory usage.
Inventory vs. bin conversion with automatic updating to planned work orders.
Usage control to prevent or permit.
WIP receipts for parts not issued Lot/Serial Control.
PO receipts supporting partial and overshipments, special instructions and open delivery/balance display.
Ability to complete work order requirements and override original planned quantities.
Miscellaneous receipts.
Complete audit trails for all inventory transactions with cost information.
Receiving and inspection processing with shortage displays to assist expediting.
Extensive cross referencing.
Accept, reject and scrap dispositions for inspected parts.
Optional backflushing.
Paperless interface with A/P and Purchasing
REPORTS (Sample List)
Physical inventory and cycle counting worksheets.
Shortage reports for selected or all parts.
PO receipts by accounting period.
Inventory usage by part and accounting period Inspection history reports for part numbers/purchase orders.
ABC analysis
Lot history
Stock Status
Inventory Valuation