Evaluate corporate position and activity for any fiscal period, quarter or year.
Monitor debit and credit balances for assets, liabilities, equity, income, expenses and all other financial areas Produce
monthly statements Increase productivity by optimizing bookkeeping tasks and minimizing clerical error.
Promote greater financial control
Supports multiple companies and/or divisions.
Selective and automatic journal postings from other GMS modules.
User defined fiscal periods.
Journal postings to past, present or future accounting periods.
Chart of Accounts using account and sub-account codes Inquiry screens for quick access to transactions and/or balances
Header/detail classification of each account for automatic grouping in printed reports.
Maintains special work orders for non-inventory items User controlled retention of historical information. Supports mid-year conversions.
Comparison reporting (i.e., budget vs. actuals).
Consolidated financial statements Maintains multiple periods.
Powerful free formatting financial statement and report generator.
Summary/detail transaction posting.
Recurring, accrual and skeletal journal entries.
REPORTS (Sample List)
Chart of Accounts listing.
User defined Balance Sheet and Income Statements.
Selective Journal listing.
Trial Balance Consolidated company reporting.
Comparative reporting on current vs. past performance.
Complete audit trails with various levels of detail reporting.
Comparative reporting on budget vs. actual.