Provide detail asset records to support.
General Ledger fixed asset control amounts.
Monitor asset depreciation calculation and values depending upon asset life and remaining asset value. Produce periodic reports of asset cost, depreciation amounts, methods classification, etc.
Reduce clerical costs for asset maintenance and net value calculations.
Promote greater control over fixed assets.
Supports multiple companies and/or divisions.
Comparison of simulated and live depreciation books.
User defined fiscal period depreciation calculations.
Post depreciation amounts by asset on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.
Ability to group similar assets into a specific classification.
Depreciate any asset by one of 25 standard depreciation methods.
Provide multiple asset groups for one asset General Ledger account.
Record asset disposition and disposition methods.
REPORTS (Sample List)
Adjusted basis schedule
Fixed Asset additions
Depreciation schedule
Fixed Asset schedule
Book comparison for Alternative Tax method adjustments
Depreciation/Amortization summary