Optimize engineering, planning and purchasing efforts by providing centralized and up-to-date information in Make-To-Stock, Repetitive, JIT or Job Shop environments.
Improve material management by responding to changes in production.
Reduce inventory levels and obsolete parts.
Reduce manufacturing costs.
Minimize clerical and engineering efforts by optimizing the tasks of maintaining and changing multi-level bills.
What-If capabilities for estimating or quoting.
Supports variable length part numbers and unlimited descriptive text.
Easy methods for accessing part information
Supports multi-level Bills of Material and Where-Used listings.
Extensive cross referencing.
Maintains accounting, engineering and cost data.
User friendly maintenance capabilities such as a global update, copy/substitute features, etc.
Bottom-up costing
ECN control and history with effectivity and use up capability.
Lead-time offset and shrinkage percentage for MRP interface.
Balloon numbers.
Multi-level Configurator (features and options).
Maintains various elemental cost methods.
On-line inquiry capability.
Supports phantom logic.
Assign multiple synonym names to any part.
Maintains approved vendor lists and associated information
REPORTS (Sample List)
Bills of Material and Where-Used Cost Roll-up.
ECN Impact analysis.
Configuration report.
Engineering status and inventory type codes.
Inventory listings with accounting and/or engineering data.
Comparison between Bills of Material