Provide greater cash flow visibility Improve collections and promote greater financial control, thereby enhancing profitability.
Optimize the tasks of entering invoices, cash and aging customer receivables.
On-line credit checking with Sales Order Processing.
Maintains "open item" accounts receivable.
Optional application of finance charges and/or discount terms.
Cross referencing capabilities for quick access to customer and/or invoice information.
Unapplied cash.
Customer inquiry screens for quick access to open/paid items with aging analysis.
Automatic invoice entry from Sales Order Processing.
Miscellaneous cash receipts.
Credit memo application against one or more open items.
Manual invoice entry with accounting distribution and out-of-balance checking.
Adjustment and auditing capabilities.
Direct interface and update to the General Ledger.
AR and bookings credit limit.
Automatic application of payment terms and credit limits.
On-line credit manager information.
Supports split payment terms and partial payment entries.
REPORTS (Sample List)
Open Accounts Receivable
Customer Analysis
Aged Receivables
Unapplied Cash listing
Daily and Monthly Cash Posting (date range options)
Customer Master listing
Customer Statements
Deposit History
Mailing labels