Manage cash flow Reduce administrative costs by automating the data entry and reporting functions.
Provide decision makers with more accurate and timely information.
Improve control of Accounts Payable for multiple companies and/or divisions.
Supports single or multi-divisional environments.
Offers an automatic or user defined payment selection process.
Allows for prepayment and partial payment transactions.
Provides for manual and voided checks.
General Ledger interface and update.
Produces pre and post check registers.
User defined bank account table.
Supports miscellaneous and standard General Ledger distributions.
Prints checks in standard or user defined format.
Payment hold and approval capability for invoices.
Reports cancelled/voided checks and assists in bank reconciliation.
Projects cash requirements.
Calculates discount dates and amounts based upon vendor or specific invoice data.
Provides for voided invoices.
Monitors and reviews exceptions between vendor invoices, purchase orders and receiving.
Displays/prints vendor account status.
Supports multi-company processing.
REPORTS (Sample List)
Open Accounts Payable aging.
Checks in standard or user defined formats.
Cash Requirements Clearing detail (items received - not billed).
Pre-check authorization.
Check Register by check number and/or vendor.
Purchase Journals
Vendor Status
Vendor Master
Bank Reconciliation reports